Astrodog Page 32 Last page!

The End!
Thank you to everyone who dropped by, and commented, you kept me going and I hope you enjoyed the comic.
I plan to collect Astrodog as a print comic and will post details here.
It’ll probably be quite a while (at least a year away as I’d like to finish it all before I start posting), but I do have another comic I’d like to do so feel free to keep the site bookmarked even if things are mostly quiet.


10 thoughts on “Astrodog Page 32 Last page!

  1. Nothing like a really big core sample from another planet in your back yard. I guess it’ll be a good conversation piece when friends drop by.
    I really enjoyed the adventures of Astrodog Paul. Excellent work & all without any dialogue.

  2. Doesn’t Astrodog look so happy. Or as she is known on earth “Boo”. I hope you keep going your writing skills are top notch and your art work is out of this world (pun intended). Besides I’m afraid I have fallen heavily for your little pooch and don’t want us to be parted for long. Great work Paul. THANK you so much.

    • You are most welcome, thank you for coming along for the ride.
      I wish I had more time to do more comics. There’ll be more, just sporadic as I fit them into my *HA* free time.

  3. I enjoyed keeping up with this! I love the concept of a comic that is appropriate for all ages and that seems to be a dying trend. I’ll recommend this for my mom’s classroom (she teaches kindergarten). I look forward to seeing more from you!

  4. Fantastic story, great visual comedy. Are you going to turn it into an eBook? You should if no publisher has the brains to option this.

    • Cheers, John! Well, so far no publisher seems aware it even exists, so I can’t blame them for not publishing Astrodog!
      Yes, I think an eBook is probably a good idea, I’ll keep you posted.

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