Astrodog comic for Sale!



Hi everyone. No new Astrodog comic, but if you’d like a print copy of Astrodog go here where you can find Astrodog for sale at £6 in the UK including postage and packing. I psoting overseas drop me a line and I’ll sort postage out.


Astrodog Page 31

The end is nigh!

Astrodog Page 28

“Jock! Start the engines Jock!”
Next page tomorrow – a page a day all week to complete the story!

Astrodog Page 27

Oh, man, I can’t believe I’d forgotten about this guy.
I’m afraid Astrodog won’t be back on Monday due to a family holiday so I’ll see you here on Monday the 9th of September with the next page of Astrodog. Have a great week and apologies for the delay.

Astrodog Page 26

It seems space cats are a bit touchy about strangers coming along and wrecking bits of their planet. Who knew?

Astrodog Page 25

Those cats seem totally comfortable with the latest turn of events. Right?

Astrodog Page 23

Astrodog does not believe in danger. No, wait. Astrodog forgets to check for danger, that’s it.